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In “Theory for unification of matter and radiation” it has been introduced the possibility that the matter can be converted entirely into energy. More precisely, that a proton and an electron can degrade to electromagnetic radiation.
In essence it was suggested that may happen a reaction resumable in the following terms

p⁺ + e⁻ → n γ

Now we propose a chain of steps that joined together shrinks in the overall above reaction.

In the first stage a proton p⁺ decays with formation of a positron β⁺ (anti-electron, electron with a positive charge) and a meson π⁰ (pion)

p⁺ → β⁺ + π⁰

This process, although not yet been observed experimentally in laboratory, is granted and expected by current theories.
Meson π⁰ is unstable and can decay in two ways: either forming two photons γ or giving rise to a positron β⁺, an electron e⁻ and a photon γ.

π⁰ → 2 γ
π⁰ → β⁺ + e⁻ + γ

The process that completes the dematerialisation is the electron annihilation with formation of two photons γ

β⁺ + e⁻ → 2 γ

The following image graphically illustrates the listed steps.

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