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Amigabit Disk Defrag is professional high-quality utility to defragment your Hard Drive for the best computer performance. It is especially important for the older PCs with more outdated Operating Systems.
The utility will thoroughly scan your hard disk with 1-click defrag option, analyze, defrag and optimize your hard disk automatically. It will also help you to detect and remove large unneeded files to free up valuable disk space
You may schedule Disk Defragmentation on your own timeline, when you are not using your computer.
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Main Features:
* Quick and Optimized Disk Defragmentation
You may follow up with simple and straightforward 1-click option for your hard disk or multiple disks, when you are in a hurry or do not have much time, or you do not consider yourself a computer expert. By this operation, you will be able to merge scattered pieces of free space into a contiguous block, avoiding fragmentation of newly created files.
* Single or Multiple Disk Defragmentation
You can defragment multiple disks or select individual disk for defragmentation, or preset to skip some huge files during the disk defragmentation. Those features will offer you an effective way to save your time instead of defragmenting the all disks on whole computer every time.
* Schedule Disk Defragmentation
It’s never so easier to defrag disks timely. Schedule your computer to defrag disk at night, early in the morning, or any time when you are not at PC. Just tell your computer when you need defrag disks (once, every day, or every week), get a faster computer even in your sleep.
* Shut down Computer after Disk Defragmentation
Enable your computer to shut itself down automatically when the defragmentation process is complete. Free up your hand when you want to keep the disk defragmentation while you’re going away.
* Find out Large Files on Hard Disks
Scan & find out the larger files than your expect (the top 10, 50, 100, 200 or 1000 biggest files) on hard disks. You will be able to handle those files manually without risk of losing valuable data due to the automatic maintenance operations. You may view files details, check access to destination folder, delete from computer to Recycle Bin, or move to other locations.
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Amigabit Disk Defrag License Code: 6A3GM46SQJ98
Regular price: $29.95
* No free upgrades
* Activate before Dec. 20.


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