Prayaya: Your Computer on Portable External Drive

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Prayaya V3 is a smart technology that allows you to take
your entire PC on a USB drive or any other removable storage device such as
iPod, external hard disk etc.

Prayaya V3 enables you to create a portable virtual
operating system running on a USB drive or any other removable storage device.
Under this virtualized operating system, the interface of which is exactly the
same as a Windows OS, you will be able to create and carry your own personal
desktop environment with you on a USB flash drive; to personalize and keep
settings and bookmarks of your own on a USB flash drive, to install almost any
app and game and run it off your USB drive, and most importantly, on any
computer, but without installation.

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With Prayaya V3, you can take your computing experience with
you on-the-go. Whether you’re at a net cafe, at a school library, at a Tokyo
office or at a Hawaii hotel, Prayaya V3 gives you access to the same familiar
applications, personal settings and bookmarks as well as sweet wallpapers of
your computer that you’re used to. It’s as if you are always with your own

The setup file of Prayaya V3 is only 6 Mb. Only take you 1
minute to download and install.


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