3 Freeware utilities for Kindle users
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If you are representing the new crowd of Ebook gadgets’ users,
you might already face the necessity to convert the text format of the found
texts to the particular format that will be accepted by your device properly.
While each gadget has the list of the supported formats, not all of them are
convenient to use on your device. For example, Kindle is reading PDF, but if
the file is not prepared properly, you might find it unacceptable.

So, if you own Kindle, you need software to convert text
file formats in the formats, supported by this device, preferably to the
branded Kindle format – MOBI. In this post, we will present several freeware
utilities to help you.

1. Calibre

Calibre is considered by many users as the only best
software for Calibre, for some it is even the only software needed. Supporting
major operation systems as Windows, Mac, and Linux, this features-reach,
ambitious eBook management suite includes eBook format conversion, an eBook
reader for any format, and online tagging and local organizing of eBook files.
It also supports direct synchronization with Android, iOS, and most all eBook
reading devices, including the Kindle.

For Kindle owners, Calibre is the easiest and most reliable way
to convert almost any document format into a Kindle friendly format (such as
.MOBI). It is also a great tool for tagging/downloading metadata to your eBook
files as well as syncing them with the Kindle. It is especially great tool for
those who mostly use external, non-Amazon sources to fill the gadget library.

Calibre supports the conversion of many input formats to
many output formats. It can convert every input format in the following list,
to every output format.

* Input Formats: CBZ, CBR, CBC, CHM, DJVU, EPUB, FB2,

* Output Formats: EPUB, FB2, OEB, LIT, LRF, MOBI,

The conversion engine has lots of powerful features. It can
rescale all font sizes, ensuring the output e-book is readable no matter what
font sizes the input document uses. It can automatically detect/create book
structure, like chapters and Table of Contents. It can insert the book metadata
into a “Book Jacket” at the start of the book.

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Direct Download Page:

2. Hamster

This freeware Hamster software also can convert pretty much
any eBook and document format into a Kindle friendly format such as .MOBI. It
does not try to cover all the features, which Calibre offers, but the
conversion part is done by this utility with high speed and quality.

The software is very user-friendly and can perform a job for
multiple files on the go, applying drag-and-drop approach. Format selection can be done directly,
or you can just chose your device type, and select the preferred output format
for your operation.  

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Note that once run, the installer will download installation
data from the internet (approx 45 MB of data). The installer will ask if you
also want to install Hamster Free Zip Archiver by default, so make sure to UNCHECK
that if you do not want it.

3. Auto Kindle eBook Converter

The Auto Kindle eBook Converter is free open source utility,
developed for the same purpose as the software, offered above, however, it
covers much smaller list of the applicable formats, while doing that well. The
input file formats supported are: PDF, Lit, and HTML files, while the output is
a Kindle-friendly .MOBI format.

The software has almost no interface, it will ask you to
point to the input files and will generate MOBI output files pretty fast.


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