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During your initial foray into web logging, you’ll
find that it will take some conscious effort on your
part to promote your blog. Of course, you could just
simply write feverishly and hope that your blog takes
on a life of its own.

But that’s putting your hopes on randomness which
might not work in your favor. If the thought of
advertising your blog has never crossed your mind,
it’s time that you gave it some consideration,
especially if you’ve only begun blogging.

Here are ways you can start advertising your blog at
little or no cost:

Share information for free. Don’t expect or demand to
be paid for information just yet. You’re still trying
to build your reputation and nobody knows you. Focus
on putting out excellent quality entries or posts in
your blog. Good content, coupled with enough
promotional activity, will put you in the blog
universe’s map.

The way to do it is to write articles about your
specific topic, articles that are related to your
chosen content. Include a short introduction about
yourself and your blog and place a link back to your
site. Writing articles helps establish your reputation
as a reliable source of information and makes you

Take article writing a bit further and send it out to
article databases or social bookmarking sites where it
can generate more buzz and get free promotion. Social
bookmarking sites allow visitors to vote for your
article, so the more it gains in popularity, the more
exposure your blog will receive.

Target online forums Online forums are today’s
bulletin boards, the equivalent of the office water
cooler. These are sites or pages on the internet that
people frequent to ask or answer questions, share
their opinions, tell a story, rant, rave or just
simply say something.

Seek out online forums where topics related to your
blog are found. Forums offer free advertising
opportunities for your blog and let you network at the
same time.

Link up with other blogs Never underestimate the power
of a good connection. Many bloggers form associations
with other bloggers and reap the rewards of a
symbiotic relationship in the process. They do this by
swapping links, allowing themselves to share their
audience with other bloggers like you.

Bloggers can also actively promote your blog by
mentioning it in their posts while at the same time
providing links back to your site.

Frequently, blog owners will often allow you to guest
write an article or post for a day or a week. This
helps expose you and your blog to that blog’s

Give your two cents’ worth Don’t always treat other
blogs with content similar to yours as bitter
competitors. Sometimes, they could work as silent
partners to help you promote your blog. It may sound
sneaky or unacceptable to your idea of good ethics but
if you look closely, it’s not only practical, it’s
also legit.

Each time you visit another guy’s blog, consider the
niche market it targets. Simply take a look at the
prevailing topics and sentiment and you’ll have an
idea whether it’s a match to your needs or not. Leave
a short but meaty comment on a relevant article that
you truly found interesting. Then leave your name and
a link to the blog page where a related topic can be

What this does is simply promoting your blog to a
market that already exists. You’re not exactly
stealing another blogger’s audience – you’re simply
providing them an alternative. And that’s not so bad
for advertising your blog.


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