Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat: Software Packages presenti nellacategoria Aplicazioni Matematiche, seconda parte.

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Tutto il software presente nella prossima versione di Ubuntu 10.10 Karmic Koala relativo alla Categoria Applicazioni Matematiche.

Come al solito una recensione, sceheda tecnica e istruzioni per il download di ogni programma.

Dai più conosciuti come Maxima e Octave ad altri semplici tools come Hyantesite, Lcalc e Nauty.

In ordine alfabetico da Hol88 a Octave.

hol88 (2.02.19940316-9) [universe]Higher Order Logic, system imagehol88-contrib-help (2.02.19940316-9) [universe]Higher Order Logic, user contributed online help fileshol88-contrib-source (2.02.19940316-9) [universe]Higher Order Logic, user contributed sourcehol88-doc (2.02.19940316-9) [universe]Documentation for hol88hol88-help (2.02.19940316-9) [universe]Higher Order Logic, online help fileshol88-library (2.02.19940316-9) [universe]Higher Order Logic, binary library moduleshol88-library-help (2.02.19940316-9) [universe]Higher Order Logic, library online help fileshol88-library-source (2.02.19940316-9) [universe]Higher Order Logic, library source fileshol88-source (2.02.19940316-9) [universe]Higher Order Logic, source fileshyantesite (1.2.1-1) [universe]geomatic tool to compute neighbourhood population potentialjacal (1b9-2.1) [universe]Interactive symbolic math systemjags (2.1.0-2) [universe]Just Another Gibbs Sampler for Bayesian MCMC simulationjfractionlab (0.84-2) [universe]Educative program to practice fractionsjgraph (83-22) [universe]Jim Plank’s program for producing PostScript graphskali (3.1-11) [universe]Draw tilings, frieze patterns, and so onkayali (0.3.2-0ubuntu3) [universe]A Qt-based Computer Algebra Systemkbruch (4:4.5.1-0ubuntu2)fraction learning aid for KDEkig (4:4.5.1-0ubuntu2)interactive geometry tool for KDEkitsune (2.0-0ubuntu3) [universe]Program to solve mathematical problemskmplot (4:4.5.1-0ubuntu2)mathematical function plotter for KDEkseg ( [universe]Sketchpad for planar Euclidean geometryladr4-apps (0.0.200902a-2) [universe]the LADR deduction library, miscellaneous applicationslbt (1.2.2-4) [universe]converts from LTL formulas to Büchi automatalcalc (0.0.20080205-1build1) [universe]a program for calculating with L-functionslibcdd-test (094b.dfsg-4) [universe]Test programs for libcdd-devlibfreefem0 (3.5.8-4.2) [universe]Shared libraries for FreeFEMlibgeomview-1.9.4 (1.9.4-2) [universe]geomview library runtimelibgeomview-dev (1.9.4-2) [universe]geomview library development packagelibglpk0 (4.43-1) [universe]linear programming kit with integer (MIP) supportlibgsl0ldbl (1.14+dfsg-1)GNU Scientific Library (GSL) — library packagelibgts-bin (0.7.6+darcs090508-1) [universe]utility binaries for libgtsliblpsolve55-dev ( (mixed integer) linear programming problems – libraryliblrs0d (0.42c-1) [universe]package to enumerate vertices and extreme rays (shared libraries)libmeschach1.2 (1.2b-13) [universe]library for performing operations on matrices and vectorslibpgapack-mpi1 (1.1.1-1) [universe]A general-purpose genetic algorithm packagelibpgapack-serial1 (1.1.1-1) [universe]A general-purpose genetic algorithm packagelibplplot-ada (5.9.5-4ubuntu1) [universe]Ada support for PLplot, a plotting librarylibscilab-java (5.2.2-9ubuntu1) [universe]Scientific software package for numerical computations (Java API)libsprng2 (2.0a-5) [universe]The SPRNG Scalable Parallel RNG library — library packagelibssreflect-coq (1.2+dfsg-6) [universe]small scale reflection library for Coq (theories)libssreflect-ocaml (1.2+dfsg-6) [universe]small scale reflection extension for Coq (plugin)libtachyon-0.98 (0.98~beta.dfsg-1) [universe]Parallel/Multiprocessor Ray Tracing Software, shared librarylie (2.2.2+dfsg-1) [universe]Computer algebra package for Lie group computationslittler (0.1.3-1) [universe]GNU R scripting and command-line front-endlp-solve ( (mixed integer) linear programming problemslrslib (0.42c-1) [universe]package to enumerate vertices and extreme rays of a convex polyhedronlybniz (1.3.2-2) [universe]mathematical function graph plottermace2 (3.3f-1) [universe]program that searches for finite models of first-order statementsmagnus (20060324-5.2ubuntu1) [universe]Computational group theory software with GUImaria (1.3.5-2) [universe]reachability analyzer for Algebraic System Netsmascyma (0.59-1ubuntu3) [universe]A user-friendly frontend for MAXIMAmathomatic (15.1.1-1) [universe]portable Computer Algebra System (CAS)mathomatic-primes (15.1.1-1) [universe]prime number tools for mathomaticmatita (0.5.8-2build2) [universe]interactive theorem provermaxima (5.21.1-2ubuntu1) [universe]A computer algebra system — base systemmaxima-doc (5.21.1-2ubuntu1) [universe]A computer algebra system — documentationmaxima-emacs (5.21.1-2ubuntu1) [universe]A computer algebra system — emacs interfacemaxima-share (5.21.1-2ubuntu1) [universe]A computer algebra system — extra codemaxima-src (5.21.1-2ubuntu1) [universe]A computer algebra system — source codemaxima-test (5.21.1-2ubuntu1) [universe]A computer algebra system — test suitemcl (1:10-148-1) [universe]the Markov Cluster algorithmmcrl2 (201001+svn7611-1) [universe]the mCRL2 formal specification language toolsetminlog ( [universe]Proof assistant based on first order natural deduction calculusmodel-builder (0.4.1-4ubuntu1) [universe]graphical ODE simulatormrbayes (3.1.2-0ubuntu2) [universe]A program for the Bayesian estimation of phylogenymultimix (19981218-12) [universe]automatic classification or clusteringmumps-test (4.9.2.dfsg-4) [universe]Example/test binaries using MUMPSnauty (2.4-2) [multiverse]command line tools to compute graph automorphismsnco (4.0.1-1build1) [universe]command-line operators to analyze netCDF filesnetgen (4.9.12.dfsg-3ubuntu1) [universe]Automatic 3d tetrahedral mesh generatornum-utils (0.5-11) [universe]programs for dealing with numbers from the command lineoctave-ad (1.0.6-3build1) [universe]automatic forward differentiation in Octaveoctave-ann (1.0.2+dfsg-2build1) [universe]octave binding to the approximate nearest neighbors libraryoctave-audio (1.1.4-2build1) [universe]functions to work with audio files in Octaveoctave-benchmark (1.1.1-2) [universe]code to benchmark speed of Octaveoctave-bim (1.0.0-1) [universe]PDE solver using a finite element/volume approach in Octaveoctave-bioinfo (0.1.2-2) [universe]bioinformatic functions for Octaveoctave-combinatorics (1.0.9-2build1) [universe]combinatorics function for Octaveoctave-communications (1.0.10-2) [universe]communications package for Octaveoctave-communications-common (1.0.10-2) [universe]communications package for Octave (arch-indep files)octave-control (1.0.11-2) [universe]control functions for Octave from Octave-Forgeoctave-data-smoothing (1.2.0-2) [universe]functions to do data smoothing on noisy dataoctave-econometrics (1:1.0.8-2build1) [universe]econometrics functions for Octaveoctave-epstk (2.2-15) [universe]GNU Octave encapsulated postscript toolkitoctave-financial (0.3.2-1) [universe]financial manipulation and plotting functionsoctave-fixed (0.7.10-2build1) [universe]fixed point computation for Octaveoctave-fpl (1.0.0-1) [universe]plot data on unstructured triangular and tetrahedral meshes in Octaveoctave-ftp (1.0.2-4build1) [universe]Octave binding for ftplib, and MATLAB compatible APIsoctave-ga (0.9.7-1) [universe]genetic optimization code for Octaveoctave-general (1.2.1-1) [universe]provide extra general functions for Octaveoctave-gsl (1.0.8-2build1) [universe]GSL binding for Octaveoctave-ident (1.0.7-2) [universe]system identification functions for Octaveoctave-image (1.0.12-1) [universe]image manipulation for Octaveoctave-informationtheory (0.1.8-1) [universe]information theory functions for Octaveoctave-integration (1.0.7-2) [universe]numerical integration toolbox for Octaveoctave-io (1.0.12-1) [universe]input/output data functions for Octaveoctave-irsa (1.0.7-2) [universe]irregular sampling analysis functions for Octaveoctave-linear-algebra (1.0.8-1build1) [universe]additional linear-algebra functions for Octaveoctave-mapping (1.0.7-2) [universe]geographical mapping functions for Octaveoctave-miscellaneous (1.0.9-1build2) [universe]miscellaneous tools for Octaveoctave-missing-functions (1.0.2-2) [universe]finds functions that are in Matlab but not in Octaveoctave-msh (1.0.1-1) [universe]create and manage meshes for FE or FV solvers in Octaveoctave-multicore (0.2.15-1build1) [universe]parallel processing on multiple cores for Octaveoctave-nan (1.0.9-1build1) [universe]handles data with and without missing values in Octaveoctave-nlwing2 (1.1.1-3build1) [universe]nonlinear lifting line for wings in Octaveoctave-nnet (0.1.12-1) [universe]feed forward multi-layer neural network functions for Octaveoctave-nurbs (1.0.3-1) [universe]non-uniform rational B-splines for Octaveoctave-ocs (0.1.0-2) [universe]circuit simulator for Octaveoctave-octcdf (1.0.13-2) [universe]NetCDF data files interface for Octaveoctave-octgpr (1.1.5-3) [universe]functions to smooth and interpolate scattered data in Octaveoctave-odepkg (0.6.10-1) [universe]solve differential equations and initial value problems in Octaveoctave-optim (1.0.12-1) [universe]unconstrained non-linear optimization toolkit for Octaveoctave-optiminterp (0.3.2-2build1) [universe]optimal interpolation package for Octaveoctave-outliers (0.13.9-2) [universe]outliers detection function for Octaveoctave-parallel (2.0.1-1) [universe]parallel execution of Octave in clusters of computersoctave-pdb (1.0.7-2build1) [universe]process files from protein databank in Octaveoctave-pfstools (1.8.1-2build1) [universe]octave bindings for pfstoolsoctave-physicalconstants (0.1.7-2) [universe]provide physical constants values in Octaveoctave-plot (1.0.8-1) [universe]additional plotting tools for Octaveoctave-plplot (5.9.5-4ubuntu1) [universe]Octave support for PLplot, a plotting libraryoctave-secs1d (0.0.8-2build1) [universe]semi conductor simulator in 1D for Octaveoctave-secs2d (0.0.8-2build1) [universe]semi conductor simulator in 2D for Octaveoctave-signal (1.0.11-2) [universe]signal processing functions for Octaveoctave-simp (1.1.0-2) [universe]single interval mathematics package for Octaveoctave-sockets (1.0.6-1build1) [universe]communication through Internet sokects in Octaveoctave-sp (1:2003-10) [universe]Semidefinite Programming functions for GNU Octaveoctave-specfun (1.0.9-1) [universe]special mathematical functions for Octaveoctave-splines (1.0.7-2) [universe]cubic spline functions for Octaveoctave-statistics (1.0.10-1) [universe]additional statistical functions for Octaveoctave-strings (1.0.7-2) [universe]additional string manipulation functions for Octaveoctave-struct (1.0.7-2) [universe]additional structure manipulation functions for Octaveoctave-symband (1.0.10-1build1) [universe]symmetric banded matrices for Octaveoctave-symbolic (1.0.9-1build1) [universe]symbolic package for Octaveoctave-time (1.0.9-2) [universe]date format manipulation function for Octaveoctave-tsa (4.0.1-2) [universe]time series analysis in Octaveoctave-vrml (1.0.11-1) [universe]VRML functions for Octaveoctave-xraylib (1.0.8-2build1) [universe]Octave bindings to the xraylib functionsoctave-zenity (0.5.7-2) [universe]simple graphical user interfaces using zenity in Octaveoctave3.2 (3.2.4-6) [universe]GNU Octave language for numerical computations (3.2 branch)octave3.2-emacsen (3.2.4-6) [universe]Emacs support for the GNU Octave language (3.2 branch)octave3.2-headers (3.2.4-6) [universe]header files for the GNU Octave language (3.2 branch)octave3.2-info (3.2.4-6) [universe]GNU Info documentation on the GNU Octave language (3.2 branch)orpie (1.5.1-8) [universe]RPN calculator for the terminalotter (3.3f-1) [universe]resolution-style theorem prover

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