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ADCWeather modification has been going on for decades in the United States. It was perfected during the Vietnam War leading to the ENMOD Treaty signed by the United States. However, this has not stopped a whole host of weather modification programs and experiments being initiated or that are ongoing in the U.S.

These exponentially growing programs have no government or public oversight, limited oversight in a very few states which allow them, and no government or public oversight or consent for the rest of them. These programs change the climate, the micro-climates needed for watersheds, trees, and agriculture crop production. NOAA lists some of these programs but most are not listed due to their experimental nature, military classification, university experiments, and failures to notify NOAA by various states, counties, cities, weather modification companies, and private individuals and corporations who are all modifying your weather.

Your local weather forecasters either don’t know or don’t report ongoing experimental weather modification program letting the public believe that the weather that they are experiencing is unusual but normal. Climate change and global warming are blamed for some weather events by meterologists, those on the Weather Channel, and local newscasters, who don’t report current and ongoing weather modification programs, even when they are taking place according to NOAA documents.

Geoengineering by sulphate aerosols

U.S. Senate Bill S601 (introduced by Senator Kay Bail Hutchison-Texas), may be passed by the U.S. Senate anytime in 2010, and allows anyone to mitigate or modify your weather without public notification, consent, oversight or debate. This bill could also be added as an amendment to other legislation and passed. The implication for agriculture, watersheds, water supplies, and who will receive the benefits or the negative consequences are hidden from public view.

It is time for all of us to examine these experimental weather modification programs and who is benefitting from them financially…who is suffering the consequences of these uncontrolled programs…and how much is crop production in the United States being reduced due to these programs which may leave many ranchers and farmers without enough rainfall or water supplies.

There are many questions and few answers due to the fact that few people in the United States know about these programs and how extensive they are now. We all need to defeat U.S. Senate Bill S601 this year and we need to regain control of these experiments so that these programs will not be used without our consent.

Item of Interest: The above Video shows an Oregon Weather Forcaster on Thursday, April 8, 2010, giving the national and local weather reports. The interesting part of this program is when he discusses the military use of Aluminum Coated Fiberglass or Chaff (See U.S. Air Force Section 214C, on this website, for USAF documents and other information about CHAFF). Please note the radar showing this usage on their map when the forecaster outlines this military program.


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