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Detailed, real-time monitoring of your web traffic. Free trial ! Google Analytics is an extremely powerful web analytics software that even provides access to all your historical data (and its free) but the only little drawback with the software is that it’s a bit lazy in processing data. The stats provided by Google Analytics are always a couple of hours late so if there’s a sudden spike in traffic to your site, you will only get to know about it after a few hours. However, there’s some good news for Blogger users. Real-Time Traffic Stats Pageviews by Country Google has added real-time web analytics to Blogger and this feature is enabled by default for all blogs – it requires no configuration or installation but you’ll have to visit the Blogger site through to access your blog stats. Blogger Stats are collected independent of Google Analytics and they provide basic information about your site visitors like the countries they are coming from, what browser they are using, your most popular posts, the traffic during various times of the day and so on. You can get all these details from Google Analytics as well but here, the reports are more easy to understand and, best of all, they are real-time. That means if one of your articles has hit the Digg home page or is getting popular on Twitter, you’ll come to know of it without any delay. Blogger Stats are however not available for private blogs. And if these developments are any indication, they may also be working on adding real-time tracking to Google Analytics.


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